Troubleshooting Water Issues

Discolored Water

Occasionally, a disturbance in the water system may cause discolored water. Run your cold water for several minutes until it clears. If the problem continues, contact us.

Do not run you hot water as this could draw particles into your hot water heater, possibly causing damage!

For additional information on water quality issues visit the Washington State Department of Health Office of Drinking Water website.

Leak in the house

Shut off the water at your valve, usually located near the meter. Remember, the valve on the street side of the meter is for North Beach Water employee use only. If you are unable to locate your valve or the valve does not operate, contact us to have the water turned off.

Click here for more information on detecting leaks.

Low Pressure

If the pressure is low throughout the house and at the outside spigots, contact us. If the pressure is low only in the house or only in certain areas of the house you will need to locate the problem and repair it. A possible cause of low pressure is clogged screens on faucets.

You may need to contact a plumber.

Vacant Home or Property

If your property, home, or building will be vacant for awhile, we recommend turning the water off to the property. This can be done at your control valve, usually located near the meter. If you do not have a control valve or the valve is not operational, you may contact us. We will be happy to assist you in operating your valve or we will turn off the water at the utility’s control. There is no charge for this service so long as it is provided during regular business hours. Even if the water is off at the utility’s control valve, you will continue to be charged the regular monthly service fee.

Water Bubbling Up

Contact us. If the break is on the property side of the meter, we will turn off your water so that you or your plumber can make repairs. We will acquire a meter reading so that you will have an estimate of how much your next bill will be. You may be eligible for a leak adjustment!

If the break is on the street side of the meter, we appreciate your taking the time to notify us. The majority of our water main breaks are reported to us by our customers. Thank you! Once the break has been reported, a member of our crew will visually inspect the area. Repairs will be scheduled based on the severity of the break and current projects. It is our goal to prevent water loss.