NBWD Resolutions

North Beach Water District Resolutions


1-2008Repealed – See Resolution 20-2012
2-2008Determining Compensation for Commissioners
3-2008Adopting Rules for the Transaction of Business
4-2008Adopting Official Seal
5-2008Approving Contract for Legal Services
6-2008Inspection and Copying of Public Records
7-2008Adopting 2008 NBPDA Rate Study
8-2008Supporting the NBPDA Water System Plan
9-2008Contracting HDR to Conduct a Due Diligence of NBPDA
10-2008Supporting the NBPDA Purchase of a Backhoe
11-2008Appointing an Agent to Receive Claims
12-2008Redacted – See Resolution 30-2014
13-2008Approving the Establishment of District Treasurer
14-2008Adopting the NBPDA Policy and Procedures Handbook
15-2008Not Adopted
16-2008Not Adopted
17-2008Indemnification and Defense of Commissioners and Employees
18-2008Adopting the HDR Due Diligence Review
19-2008Adopting the Comprehensive Water System Plan prepared by theNBPDA
20-2008Adopting the 2009 NBPDA Budget
21-2008Transfer Assets and Liabilities of NBPDA to NBWD


1-2009Establishing the Place and Times of Meetings
2-2009Establishing that the General Manager will act as the Secretary to the Board
3-2009Authorizing Membership in Enduris Insurance
4-2009Adopting the General Manager as the Registered Agent for NBWD
5-2009Repealed – See Resolution 05-2010
6-2009Authorizing Participation in intergovernmental Cooperative Purchasing Agreement
7-2009Amending Rules and Regulations
8-2009Amending Rules and Regulations
09-2009Amending Rules and Regulations
10-2009Repealed – See Resolution 03-2012
11-2009Authorizing Participation in Washington Public Employees Retirement Systems
12-2009See Resolution 27-2014
13-2009Transfer of Funds
14-2009Approving a Settlement in Leech v NBPDA & R.D. Williams
15-2009Directing a Transfer of Funds
16-2009Repealed – See Resolution 01-2013
17-2009Adopting a Policy for Credit Card Usage
18-2009Adopting a Policy for Billing Dispute
19-2009Adopting a Policy for Placing Liens
20-2009Adopting Michael Berlien Employment Agreement
21-2009Adopting a Policy for Credit Card Usage
22-2009Honoring Nancy Edmondson
23-2009Adopting Agency SEPA Procedures
24-2009Adopting Pacific County Mitigation Plan
25-2009Adopting a Deferred Compensation Program


1-2010Amending Rules and Regulations
2-2010Authorizing a Transfer of Monies
3-2010Amending Rules and Regulations
4-2010Amended – See Resolution 13-2015
5-2010Repealed – See Resolution 03-2016
6-2010Adopting Pacific County Hazard Mitigation Plan


1-2011Change Of Meeting Location – Not Adopted
2-2011General Manager Employment Agreement
3-2011Changes To Employee Manual
4-2011Interim Management Agreement for Surfside HOA
5-2011Repealed – See Resolution 20-2012
6-2011Adopting William Neal Employment Agreement
7-2011Amending Rules and Regulations
8-2011Amending Rules and Regulations
9-2011Regarding North Well Field Property Acquisition
10-2011Not Adopted
11-2011Amending Rules and Regulations
12-2011Not Adopted
13-2011Repealed – See Resolution 20-2012
14-2011Authorizing G. M. to Enter into Agreement With Oysterville Water
15-2011Memorandum of Understanding with Olympic Area Agency on Aging
16-2011Entering into an Agreement with BeachDog.com
17-2011Not Adopted
18-2011Adopting an Identity Theft Prevention Program
19-2011Approving Contract for Professional Services – Gray and Osborne, Inc.
20-2011Not Adopted
21-2011Not Adopted
22-2011Approving Contract for Cleaning Services


1-2012Adopting 2012 Operating Budget
2-2012Not Adopted
3-2012Establishing a Petty Cash Account – Repealing Resolution 10-2009
4-2012Approving a Lease with Pitney Bowes for Office Machine
5-2012Entering into a Master Purchase Agreement with HD WaterWorks for Water Meters
6-2012Entering into a Service Contract with Metereaders, LLC
7-2012Not Adopted
8-2012Repealed – See Resolution 10-2013
9-2012Adopting 2012 Employee Compensation Policy
10-2012Authorizing Purchase of 2012 Meters and Appurtenances
11-2012Authorizing Purchase of Replacement Tractor
12-2012Surfside HOA Management Agreement Amendment
13-2012Amendment to Resolution 12-2008 Payment of Bills
14-2012Authorization to Drill and Test a Water Well
15-2012Approval of SRF Loan #DM12-952-121
16-2012Approval of SRF Loan #DM12-952-129
17-20122013 Operating Budget
18-2012Accident Prevention Program
19-20122013 Cost of Living Adjustment
20-2012Establishing Regular Meeting Place and Time
21-2012Establishing 2013 Regular Meeting Dates


1-2013Adopting Policy For Commissioner Reimbursement
2-2013Approving Issuance Of Warrants By Auditing Officer
3-2013Amendment To Employee Pay Periods
4-2013Declaring Koraleen Stations a Single Source Product
5-2013Authorization to Purchase Agnes Mayers Real Estate
6-2013AMR Meter Purchase
7-2013Engineering Contract with Gray and Osborne
8-2013Bond Agreement With Martin and Nelson
9-2013Bond Counsel Service Agreement With K & L Gates
10-2013Repealed – See Resolution 04-2015
11-2013Transferring District Funds
12-2013Commissioner Reimbursement – Not Adopted
13-2013Water Revenue & Refunding Bond Purchase
14-2013Commissioner Reimbursement – Not Adopted
15-2013Awarding Of Drilling Contract
16-2013Agreement For Legal Services
17-2013Establishing A Bond Project Account
18-2013Amended – See Resolution 10-2014
19-2013Amending Rules and Regulations
20-2013Inter-agency Agreement To Install A Main on 245th
21-2013Change Order For Bison Drilling
22-2013Water Main Project Bid Award
23-2013Amending Resolution 12-2008 Rules & Regulations
24-2013Authorization To Purchase Real Estate
25-20132014 Operating Budget
26-2013Not Adopted
27-20132014 Board Meeting Calendar
28-20132014 Cost Of Living Adjustment For Employees
29-2013Honoring The Service Of Commissioner RD Williams


1-2014Accepting Pacific County Franchise Agreement
2-2014Transfer Of District Funds
3-2014Water Main Project Change Order – Not Adopted
4-2014Approving A Contract With Gray & Osborne
5-2014Water Main Project Change Order
6-2014Opening a BOP Safe Deposit Box
7-2014Professional Services Agreement With FCS
8-2014Transfer Of District Funds
9-2014Accepting the 227th Water Main Project
10-2014Customer Generated Infrastructure
11-2014Authorizing Purchase Of AMR Meters
12-2014Transfer Of District Funds
13-2014Contract With Cartomation Inc.
14-2014Contract With The Master’s Touch
15-2014Z Street Water Main Project
16-2014Driftmier Architect Contract – Not Adopted
17-2014General Manager Evaluation Policy – Not Adopted
18-2014Contract For Power With PUD #2
19-2014Revision Of Employee Manual – Tabled
20-2014Contract With David E. Jensen Architect PS.
21-2014245th Inter-tie Contract
22-2014Total Compensation & Job Description – Not Adopted
23-2014MRSC Contract Approval
24-2014Authorization To Invest In Bonds
25-2014Amending Job Descriptions
26-2014Total Compensation Policy – Tabled
27-2014Employee Policy & Procedure Manual
28-20142015 Operating Budget
29-2014Cross Connection Control Program
30-2014Rules, Regulations and Rates (Amended) See 35-2016
31-2014Amending Drinking Water State Revolving Fund Loan
32-2014Renewing Lease With Ricoh
33-20142015 Meeting Calendar


1-2015Authorizing Purchase Of AMR Meters
2-2015Department Of Ecology Reimbursement Agreement
3-2015Small And Attractive Asset Policy
4-2015Amending Fiscal Policy
5-2015Authorizing Transfer Of District Funds
6-2015Awarding Meter Replacement Bid
7-2015Surplus Items
8-2015Accepting The 245th Street Project
9-2015SEPA Determination Of Non-Significance
10-2015Transfer Of District Funds
12-2015Contract To Decommission Well #2
13-2015Contract With St. Vincent DePaul
14-2015Awarding Office And Facilities Construction Contract
15-2015Awarding Septic System Contract
16-2015Amendment to Gray & Osborne Contract
17-2015Contract With Gibbs & Olson
19-2015Contract With Hill & Son
20-2015Contract With H.B Jaeger
21-2015Accepting Bison Contract
22-2015Surfside Water Management Agreement
23-2015Conference Room AV System Contract
24-2015New Building Construction Change Order #1
25-2015New Building Construction Change Order #2
26-2015New Building Construction Change Order #3
27-2015Approving 2016 Operating Budget
28-2015Approving COLA Increase
29-2015Adopting 2016 Regular Meeting Calendar
30-2015Amending GM Employee Agreement


1-2016New Building Construction Change Order #4
2-2016New Building Construction Change Order #5
3-2016Small Works Roster Revision
4-2016Transfer Of District Funds
5-2016New Building Construction Change Order #6
6-2016Water Use Efficiency Goals
7-2016Adopting Updated Water System Plan
8-2016Rejecting All Supply & Treatment Project Bids
9-2016Purchase Of New Service Truck
10-2016Water Main Extension
11-2016Supply & Treatment Project Award
12-2016North Wellfield Site Improvement Contract
13-2016Contract Amendment With Gray & Osborne
14-2016Pacific County Hazard Mitigation Plan
15-2016Approving DWSRF Project Change Order #1
16-2016Contract With Xpress Bill Pay
17-2016Contract To Purchase Dump Truck
18-2016Contract To Purchase Mini-Excavator
19-2016Revised Construction Change Orders #4 – #6
20-2016New Building Construction Change Order #7
21-2016New Building Construction Change Order #8
22-2016Not Adopted
23-2016Revised Contract With Gibbs & Olsen
24-2016Contract With Pacific County Fire District #1
25-2016Chain Link Fence Contract
26-2016Not Adopted
27-2016Debt Reserve Contribution
28-2016Amending Job Descriptions
29-2016Establishing Rules For Conducting Business
30-2016Loomis Lake Determination Of Non-Significance
31-2016Not Adopted
32-2016Not Adopted
33-2016Accepting Completion Of Office & Facilities Building
34-2016Amend Resolution 30-2014 Rules, Regs & Rates
35-2016Amend Resolution 27-2014 Employee Manual
36-20162017 Operating Budget
37-2016DWSRF Loan Change Order #2


1-2017DWSRF Loan Change Order #3
2-2017Transfer Of District Funds
3-2017Robinson Noble Contract
4-2017Emond Easement
5-2017Transfer Of District Funds
6-2017Adopting Foreman Job Description
7-2017Interagency Agreement With PCFD #1
8-2017Not Adopted
9-2017Amending Employee Manual
10-2017Conference Room Use Agreement
11-2017Well #7 Replacement Bid
12-2017Accepting North Wellfield Materials Bid
13-2017Transfer Of District Funds
14-2017DWSRF Loan Change Order #4
15-20172018 Cost Of Living Adjustment
16-20172018 Regular Meeting Calendar
17-2017Declaring Vehicle Surplus
18-2017Issuance Of Warrants By District
19-2017Adopting 2018 Operating Budget
20-2017Approving Contract With Gray & Osborne
21-2017Third Addendum To GM Contract
22-2017Contract For Legal Services


1-2018Amending Employee Manual
2-2018 DWSRF Loan Change Order #5
3-2018Approving Contract With Gray & Osborne
4-2018 DWSRF Loan Change Order #5
5-2018Taking Ownership Of BOP Account
6-2018Approving Contract With Wirkkala Const.
7-2018Declaring TAG Sole Source Vendor
8-2018South Booster Station CPU Replacement
9-2018Asbestos SOP
10-2018SWF Access Road Contract
11-2018WWF Security Fence Contract
12-2018Engagment Letter For Legal Services
13-2018Amending Asbestos SOP
14-2018Accepting DWSRFL -121 Project
15-2018Accepting DWSRFL -129 Project
16-2018Cost of Living Adjustment
17-2018Adopting 2019 Operating Budget


1-2019Adopting 2019 Meeting Calendar
2-2019Awarding Bay Avenue Water Main Project
3-2019Bay Avenue Water Main Contract
4-2019Bay Avenue Water Main Management Contract
5-2019Release Stettler Retainer
6-2019Transfer of Funds from Capital Reserve to Operations
7-2019Adopting the Emergency Response Plan
8-2019Approving Contract w/ Professional Training Assoc.
9-2019Approving Latecomers Agreement between NBWD & the Marshall’s & Accepting 187th Place Water Main Extension
10-2019Approving Change Order for Big River
11-2019Approving an Interlocal Cooperative Agreement
12-2019Approving an Interlocal Cooperative Project with Pacific County
13-2019Awarding Bid & Material for Water Main Replacement Project
14-2019Approving a Job Description for the GM Position
15-2019Approving Contract W/ Professional Engineering Services
16-2019Approving Employee Pay Scales for 2020
17-2019 Adopting 2020 Regular Meeting Calendar
18-2019Revising Rules & Regulations
19-2019 Adopting 2020 Operations Budget
20-2019Approving GM Employment Agreement
21-2019Approving 4th Amendment to Employment Agreement


1-2020Approving VEBA Account
2-2020 Awarding U Street Project Material Bid
3-2020Accepting Per Diem
4-2020Accepting Bay Avenue Project as Complete
5-2020Refund Policy
6-2020Temporary Suspension of Lock Offs
7-2020Approving Rules for Remote Attendance
8-2020Adopting Policy Related to Family First Coronavirus Act
9-2020Approving Interlocal Agreement with City of Ilwaco
10-2020Approving an On-Call Contract for Engineering Services
11-2020Approving a Proposal for Professional Engineering Services
12-2020Approving COVID-19 Payment Plan
13-2020Approving 2021 COLA
14-2020Adopting 2021 Meeting Calendar
15-2020Adopting 2021 Budget


1-2021 274th Street Project
2-2021255th Street Project
3-2021Ash to Birch Lane Project
4-2021Vernon Avenue Project
5-2021Bond Refinancing
6-2021Adopting 2022 Meeting Calendar
7-2021Approving Office Manager 2022 Pay Scale
8-20212022 COLA
9-20212022 Operations Budget


1-2022Amending GM Employment Agreement
2-2022Approving Amended Easement Agreement
3-2022Transfer of District Funds
4-2022Consolidated Rate Schedule
5-2022Real Estate Acquisition


1-2023Transfer of District Funds
2-2023Purchase of Real Estate
3-2023Transfer of District Funds
4-20232024 Meeting Calendar
5-20232024 COLA
6-20232024 Budget