Water Service Disruption Area – New

On Thursday, June 17th between 12 pm and 2 pm there was a temporary disruption of water service for customers south of 229th Place to repair a water main leak on HWY 103 across from Golden Sands.

The water should now be on in your area and no boiling of the water is needed. It is safe to use as usual.

We are sorry for any inconvience this may have caused and do thank you for your patience during this time.

Any further questions or concerns may be directed to Rick Gray at (360) 665-4144.

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2 Responses to Water Service Disruption Area – New

  1. Janice Thompson says:

    How long are we advised to boil our water after the water is restored? I am 194th Street.

    • John Bell says:

      The Department of Health just notified us this morning that our customers are not in need of boiling their water. Once it is restored it will be safe to drink.

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