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Water Main Flushing April 29th through May 17th

North Beach Water Semi-Annual System Flushing Schedule

North Beach Water District will be conducting its semi-annual flushing program over several weeks starting April 29th, 2024. Water main flushing is an important preventative maintenance procedure to remove sediment buildup and stagnate water in the lines. We will be using hydrant flushing roadside signs to inform you of when we will be flushing in your neighborhood. Flushing may result in temporary lowered pressure and slight discoloration of the water. Even if we are not flushing near your neighborhood, you may experience lower pressure due to the increased velocities required to scour and lift sediments within the main. If you find you have discolored water, run the cold water for a few minutes to clear the lines. If the cloudy water persists, please contact the office for assistance. We will be flushing Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00AM to 4:00PM. We expect the flushing program to last through May 19th, 2024.

John Bell

Office Manager

(360) 665-4144

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Emergency Alert Sign-Up

English Leaflet

Spanish Leaflet

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Office Closure


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2020 Rates & Fees

Rates & Fees

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2020 Meeting Calendar Schedule


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North Beach Water Semi-Annual System Flushing Schedule

Flushing Schedule

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Consumer Confidence Report

Our Consumer Confidence Report is available for viewing under the Reports & Finance tab to the left.  Also, a copy has been mailed to you in your March billing statement and copies are available here in the office for you as well.

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Cross Connection Control

The North Beach Water District is conducting its cross connection control program. A cross connection control program is designed to keep the public water system and those who use it safe from possible hazards caused by a cross connection. You will be receiving a questionnaire in the mail, it is very important that you fill it out completely and return it. Doing so will help the District keep your water system as safe as possible. If you have any questions on the survey or any concerns, please don’t hesitate to call us at (360) 665-4144.

You may also download and complete the questionnaire at home by clicking the appropriate link below.

Residential Service Questionnaire

Commercial Service Questionnaire

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We wanted you to know that North Beach Water District has a new online payment provider. Xpress Bill Pay is the premier local government and service district payment provider.

The District made the switch to provide you with many new and exciting features like full bill presentation, billing history, auto pay, payment wallet, paperless billing, enhanced email notifications, single logon with multiple accounts, and many more.

You will be directed to the new website when you select the “Pay My Bill” option on the left side of this website or you can access Xpress Bill Pay directly at

And best of all, Xpress Bill Pay has an app! Just visit the IOS app store to download it, the Android version is in the works.

You will need to visit the new site to establish an account. Your old account with our previous provider will no longer allow you to login after October of this year.

For even more information including how to sign up as well as answers to some Frequently Asked Questions, please click HERE.

If you had auto pay, or recurring payments setup with our previous provider, you will need to establish an new auto pay with Xpress Bill Pay.
We know you will love the new features. If you have any questions you can reach Xpress Bill Pay via email at or via telephone at 800-766-2350

We look forward to serving you!

Xpress Bill Pay Support

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Water Conservation

Summer is upon us and temperatures are going up. People use a lot more water during the summer than any other time of the year, which can get very expensive. Please click on the link below to learn some valuable tips on water conservation.

Conservation Info & Tips

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