Emergency Contact System

North Beach Water District is launching a Reverse 911 Emergency Contact System designed to keep you informed of vital water system and water quality conditions.

What is a Reverse 911 Emergency Contact System?  A Reverse 911 Emergency Contact System is a public safety communications system used by public agencies in Canada and the United States to communicate alerts and warnings quickly and efficiently to targeted groups of people.

How does a Reverse 911 Emergency Contact System Work?  The District creates a list of all customers from its billing software that includes their phone number.  During and emergency (i.e. water main break, contaminated water, system flushing/disinfection) the District will send a phone message to all customers within minutes.  The District will program the system to NOT make late night calls.

The District needs your current phone number(s).  The Reverse 911 Emergency Contact System will only benefit customers who have a current phone number on file with the District.  We are asking our customers who wish to be informed of emergency conditions in this manner to provide the District with current telephone numbers.  Please send us your current phone number(s) in one of the following ways:

Email – customerservice@northbeachwater.com

USPS – PO Box 618 Ocean Park, WA 98640(Update on payment stub)

Telephone – (360) 665-4144

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